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How to Be Effective in Each Meeting?

‘Great! I have five meetings tomorrow!’

Have you ever heard anyone say this?
Probably not. People who are fond of meetings are  rare. And you are probably not one of them.

Unfortunately, meetings are inevitable. To do your job properly you need to attend meetings. And contribute to them with items on the agenda. You have to brainstorm, discuss, and debat.

If you work in an international orientated organization, you probably have to speak English during those meetings. That makes it more difficult. Especially when talking to native speakers.

To make your meetings more effective and to be more self-confident about your English, we advise you follow our training ‘How to Survive Each Meeting?’.

Program training How to Be Effective in Each Meeting?

You will learn …

… how to be a constructive conversation partner
• How do you prepare a meeting properly?
• How do you address an item on the agenda?
• How do you use metalanguage effectively?

… how to present your item in a persuasive way
• How do you choose an effective strategy?
• How do you anticipate resistance?
• How do you use backing and arguments?

... how to be clear in what you want to tell?
• How do you structure your item?
• How do you speak clearly?
• How do you adjust your statement to your audience?

… how to make sure you are doing the right thing
• A lot of tips about the etiquette of conversations in English
• A whole range of useful sentences and formats to help you get along
• A bunch of frequently used errors (to provide)

Especially for chairpersons of a meeting …

… how to structure a meeting in a perfect way
• How do you finish a meeting within 1 hour?
• How do you use every second of a meeting in the best possible way?
• How do you implement a structure that helps all meeting members?

… how to break through rusted meeting habits?
• How do you shape your meetings differently?
• How do you keep focus on the agenda items?
• How do you apply different decision-making techniques?

Result of the training How to Be Effective in Each Meeting?

Afterwards you will …
... have a totally different approach to attending at a meeting
... know which role you have to choose for an effective meeting
... know how to prepare yourself for each meeting
… be confident about your part to play in each meeting


For everyone who …
… wants to improve his meeting skills or the meetings in his organization
… is unsure about his role as a meeting member
… is chairing meetings frequently


Learning by playing
We use our Meeting Toolkit. This toolkit will help you improve your meeting skills in an entertaining and effective way. You will become aware of your role within a meeting and the effect of your behaviour on a meeting. You will also experience how important it is to prepare every meeting thoroughly. Our trainer will facilitate the Toolkit. He or she will make sure that you will be able to translate your experiences into your skills and competences.

+ 40 days free tips
Afterwards you will receive 40 days long a tip a day. These tips match your training. It will keep the lessons learned alive.

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