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Icon How to Write Emails in Plain English

How to Write Emails in Plain English

How to Write Emails in Plain English?

Writing a professional, clear and concise email is quite challenging. But writing a professional email in plain English is even harder. Especially if you aren’t a native speaker. Yet you need these writing skills in your job. Don’t worry… soon you will be as successful in writing as in all other parts of your job. Thanks to the training, ‘How to Write Emails in Plain English?’

Program training How to Write Emails in Plain English?

You will learn …

... how to write a clear email in English
- An email that suits the English language
- A structure that allows your reader to read your email within 10 seconds
- A framework that will help you to write an email quickly
- A strategy to help you write what you want while maintaining your own personal style’

… which approach suits the situation and the reader best
- An approach that addresses the reader
- An approach that leaves room for service
- An approach that lives up to the standards of English correspondence

... how to choose an attractive style
- A style that is clear in every way
- A style that is faultless and modern
- A style that is nice to read and easy to write

... how to make it easy for yourself
- A lot of tricks, tips and best practices
- A whole range of useful sentences and formats to help you get along
- A bunch of frequently used errors (to provide)

Result of the training How to Write Emails in Plain English?

After this training you …
… are able to write emails that readers can understand within 10 seconds
... are able to write emails much faster
... are more confident about writing in English!


For everyone who …
… has to write emails in English and isn’t a native speaker of the English language. The training is provided in level B1 of the Common European Framework.


Every second is tailor made
We thoroughly analyse emails that you send us in advance. These emails provide the foundations of the training. We know exactly what you like to learn. And every second of this training will be worth it!

+ free tips for 40 days
Afterwards you will receive a daily tip for 40 days. These tips reflect your training. You will retain the information better.

+ E-coaching
You can send texts to your trainer. He or she will analyse your text and give you feedback in a short video. Find out how this works.



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