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How to Give a Persuasive Presentation

How to Give a Persuasive Presentation?

You want to tell a great story. You want to challenge your audience. Perhaps you want to persuade people to buy your product. Or, maybe you have to give a proper instruction in front of a large group of people.

Therefore, you need several skills. First of all, you need to have a persuasive story to tell. Secondly, you need to tell it in an entertaining way. And last but not least: you have to present it in fluent English.

In our training ‘How to Give a Persuasive Presentation?’ you will learn how to do this.

Program training How to Give a Persuasive Presentation?

You will learn …

… how to make your story attractive

- Everything depends on your preparation: leave nothing to chance
- Suspense is everything: your audience will be all ears
- Structure is king: use metalanguage for optimal contact

… how to present with conviction
- Persuade your audience with your listening motive
- Use your non-verbal communication
- Enrich your story with arguments, backing and approaches

… how to handle unexpected situations
- How do you handle a disruptive audience? Or a quiet one?
- How do you react to unexpected questions?
- How do you deal with resistance? 

… how to be confident in speaking English
- A lot of tricks, tips and best practices
- A whole range of useful sentences and formats to help you get along
- A bunch of frequently used errors (to provide)

The result of the training How to give a persuasive presentation?

Afterwards you will …
... be confident about your presentations
... have a persuasive story to tell
... be able to entertain your audience from beginning to end


For everyone who …
… needs to give business presentations in English.


You will tell your own story
We learn best from our own experiences. We ask you therefore, to prepare a short presentation before the training starts. This could be a presentation you have given regularly for example, or one that you are going to give soon. Consequently, the focus of your training will be on this particular presentation.

We believe everyone can give a good presentation
To help you achieve this goal, we use the so-called Compensation Matrix. This technique enables you to compensate your weaknesses with your strengths.. You can read more about this in the book Iedereen kan presenteren by Martijn Jacobs, director of Loo van Eck. Unfortunately, this book is only available in Dutch.

+ free tips for 40 days
Afterwards you will receive a daily tip for 40 days. These tips reflect your training. You will retain the information better.