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Icon How to Be Persuasive in a Consultation?

How to Be Persuasive in a Consultation?

How to Be Persuasive in a Consultation?

You think you are a real professional advisor. Your consulting is always spot on. Right?

So here’s a question for you: why don’t your clients or colleagues always listen to what you suggest? Why do they hesitate instead of embracing your ideas straight away?

The answer: because you are not able to present those brilliant ideas in the most persuasive way. This really has to change. Otherwise, your clients and organization are missing a lot of opportunities.

In our training ‘How to persuade in your consultation?’ you will learn how to improve your skills to convince your conversation partner and also become a better speaker of the English language.

Program training How to Be Persuasive in a Consultation?

You will learn …

… how to recognize the needs of your conversation partner

• Making contact: what are the motives of your client? How do you recognize these? And how do you adapt to these motives?
• Listening: how do you convince your client that you are truly listening?
• Calculating: which questions do you have to ask to find out the real needs of your client?

… how to present your advice in a persuasive way
• Convincing: which strategy do you choose? Which type of arguments?
• Structuring: how do you stay focused in a conversation?
• Preparing: what can you do to be well prepared for a consultation? How do you handle resistance? How do you recognize resistance at an early stage?

... how to distinguish yourself with a personal style
• Communicating: what are your habits? What are your preferences?
• Reflecting: what are your strength and weaknesses in your consultation technique? How do you use your strengths and compensate your weaknesses?
• Inspiring: how do you inspire your conversation partner? How do you show your enthusiasm? How persuasive is your way of communicating?

… how to make sure you are doing the right thing
• A lot of tips about the etiquette of conversations in English
• A whole range of useful sentences and formats to help you get along
• A bunch of frequently used errors (to provide)

The result of the training How to Be Persuasive in a Consultation?

Afterwards you will …
... be confident about your consultations in general, and especially those in English
... have an efficient strategy to be persuasive in all kind of circumstances
... know which techniques will work well for you and which ones you should avoid


For everyone who …
… wants to improve their persuasion and influencing techniques
… acts as a consultant in the English language


We go for the scary experience
We are all very keen on talking about how to improve ourselves. We can do that all day long. At the end of the day however, you know how to become better at convincing your clients. In theory. But… that’s not how we are going to do this. Because you don’t want to know how you can become better, you actually want to be better after this training!

That’s why we are going to practice a lot. Yes, that is scary. Initially. But it is also highly effective. Because when you practice your own daily business situations, you improve yourself. Especially if a professional trainer and the other participants are giving you feedback.

+ free tips for 40 days
Afterwards you will receive a tip every day for 40 days. These tips reflect your training. You will keep the lessons learned alive.

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