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Icon How to Take Control in a Conversation?

How to Take Control in a Conversation?

How to Take Control in a Conversation?

You can talk for hours and hours with your friends. Participate in endless discussions. You listen to each other, you ask questions, you respond spontaneously and you show your emotions. You feel relaxed, free and unrestrained … You can take your time. No big deal…

Conversations in a professional setting are however, rather different. More formal. Less natural. In a business environment, a conversation is much more than just a simple talk. You need certain information from the other, or you want to share specific information. Perhaps you have to give instructions or you have to persuade a client or colleague.

And to make it even more complicated: you have to talk in English. Not your native language.

How to be self-confident in an English business conversation? How do you use your natural ‘chatting’ skills in a more formal discussion with customers?

In our training ‘How to Take Control in Conversations?’ you will improve your conversational skills and you will become a better speaker of the English language.

Program training How to Take Control in a Conversation?

You will learn …
… how to be a pleasant discussion partner: make real contact
• Use all your tools: non-verbal and verbal communication
• Ask the right questions and interrogate: the use of premises
• Establish a dialogue and avoid monologues
… how to be an efficient interlocutor: take control and keep it
• Discover the correct construction for a conversation: from start to end
• Tune into the main goal and the structure of the conversation
• Experience the power of metalanguage

… how to be a professional: handle difficult situations
• Anticipate emotions and resistance
• Use your listening techniques to calm your partner
• Make use of arguments and backing

… how to make sure you are doing the right thing
• A lot of tips about the etiquette of conversations in English
• A whole range of useful sentences and formats to help you get along
• A bunch of frequently used errors (to provide)

The result of the training How to Take Control in a Conversation?

Afterwards you will …
... be confident about your conversations in English (and in your own language as well)
... know what is expected from you
... handle resistance, bad news and emotions promptly


For everyone who …
… wants to improve their Business English


More than a trick
We start with the basics. This is key. But we go deeper as well: who are you? What kind of conversations do you have? What line of work do you do? How do you react to your conversation partner? You become aware of your own skills, failures and habits. This will enable you to use you’re new skills to your best advantage. 

+ free tips for 40 days
Afterwards you will receive a daily tip for 40 days. These tips reflect your training. You will retain the information better.

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